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Creating Animated Textured Models for XNA – Part2: trueSpace Online at Ziggyware

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Tuesday 11 November, 2008


Ziggy was a swift beast this time, you can view my most recent article at

Ziggyware (direct link)

In this article it’s trueSpace’s turn to show what an excellent modelling tool it is. All relevant parts for building and exporting a basic UV-textured model will be covered, including sample source code and the finished trueSpace project. This tutorial will help give your game a bit of body right from the start. By Roy Triesscheijn


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Creating Animated Textured Models for XNA. part1

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Wednesday 5 November, 2008

It’s now online at

Be sure to check it out since it is an extremely handy tutorial on creating Animated (Skinned) Textured Models in Blender / trueSpace , with all the export scripts and export settings you will need to make it work immidiatly in your XNA2/3 app (both XNA2 and XNA3 source codes included)

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