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Introducing Toppers

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Monday 9 February, 2009

I totally forgot about this project, but after I was feeling like coding I’ve updated Toppers to 2.002 and decided to release it to the general public.

Toppers is a program I made for SusanneK.  a good friend of mine. She’s always making little ‘top-lists,’  say: which of last years song she preferred. Of course she can put them in word/excel or on plain paper and figure out which one is best, but her top-lists where becoming quite long. And to make a statistically correct ordered list of only 10 items, you need to ask yourself 45 questions (10 nCr 2).

To aid her in her list-making she asked me to make a small program that would help her determine the best order! After a few hours of juggling with code the first incarnation of Toppers came alive. Now after some good feedback and a code-cleanup I present Toppers 2!

Here is a list of features, you can download the program, an example TopList listing of some musical genres and the full source-code licensed under the MIT X11 license (see license.txt) for free from my SkyDrive account listed at the bottom of the article (you don’t have to register/login to download it).


Toppers is a free program for making lists and comparing data from these lists.  After a total or partial comparison the program will show you in text and graph the calculated ranking of your list items!


Creating lists is very easy in Toppers’ intuitive interface. You can also load and save plain text files (*.txt) where each line will represent a list item, this allows for the rapid creating of larger lists.


Once an appropriate list has been loaded or created the user has two different options to start the test. The first option is the full test.


In the full test each list-item is compared to all other list-items, on larger lists this will bring up allot of questions, but the end result is a perfect representation of what you think of each item.

For a quicker tour around large lists there is the Random Sample Test. This test will query the user, and ask how many questions he/she wants to be queried with. This allows users of generating a rapid result in large lists without the need to answer allot of questions. A specially devised algorithm will give scores even to items that haven’t been compared to all other items by taking into account relative scores for maximum accuracy. (Please note that a full test will always be more precise).


For very large lists there is the option to save while answering the questions. This allows a user that is in the middle of a quiz to save, exit and continue at another time, this way big lists don’t get dull.


After completing a test, be it a full or a random sample test, a self-scaling result graph and textual output will be showed, and you can save the outcome as a jpg-file so you can e-mail the graph or show the results on the internet. (You can also copy/paste the text and e-mail it or post it here!).

To run Toppers you will need a PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or higher. You will also need the Microsoft .Net 3.5 framework, the installer will install this when needed. The program also requires a modest 2MB of free harddisk space.

Download Toppers 2.002 Now:

Download a sample TopList that will tell you what musical style you like best:

Or download the source code (The full Visual Studio 2008 Express solution, all the code was written in C#)

View The license here

if these links don’t work correctly you can try:

Installer, Genre Toplist, Source Code, License

Be sure to post your funny/cool/brilliant/enlightening TopLists here! I will feature the best ones and might even incorporate them in a possible next version of Toppers!

Also if you encounter any bugs or have a feature request, post here as well, I’ll try to answer and fix/implement them as quickly as possible!

Best regards and I hope everyone has fun with this one, like Susanne and I have!


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