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Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Monday 9 February, 2009

Well, as you’ve all noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here!

I’m currently not to busy with XNA or any other programming work for that matter. I’m trying to focus on my study (Computer Science at the RuG, Groningen, the Netherlandes). Unfortunately all the courses I’m getting at the moment is programming correctness (utilizing logic and math to prove code is correct) and abstract math, needles to say I’m not coding anything worth posting about. And I’ve yet got to see the first XNA game that used programming correctness (PCOR) to verify that there are no bugs! (Ha that would be a first!).

I am toying around with PHP though, I know you are going to ask why, and yes I know it’s ugly but still it’s quite a learning experience programming in a loose-typed language. I’m also intrigued by all the markup (CSS) and database (MySQL) integration that I’m currently utilizing in PHP.

My small project is trying to create the most simplest CMS possible:

-User creation and logging in.

-Posting new items

-Commenting on items.

(Might hack a forum togheter from these components just for fun).

I’m trying to broaden my not-so-broad perspective of programming languages, the only real languages I’ve been working with for more than a few hours are (in chronological order):  Visual Basic 6, C#, Java, VHDL (made my cry), 68Kasm (I hated that!),  and now PHP. I hope i can add C++ and Delphi to that in the near future (and maybe even Haskell or F#).

Oh well, I’ll make sure to post and release the source-code of my crazy-cms,  it might contain something usefull for people starting with PHP. 🙂

I hope It won’t take me this long again to post another item, I want to update you guys on a small project I might be working on in the near future that could be off help to programming/game enthusaist near Groningen. I’ll keep you guys posted!


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