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Personal: CastleFest 2009

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Sunday 2 August, 2009


As I’ve said in another blog post on my personal blog I’m going to merge my tech blog and personal blog because I hardly use my personal blog and would like to keep everything organized. So this will be my first non-tech related post here, jolly good isn’t it. I’ll mark these blog posts with “Personal” and will put them in the personal category so they can be easily filtered out for those people who read this blog for the tech stuff. ( I can totally imagine not everyone is that interested in everyone’s personal lifes, everyone is writing about everything these days, but well if find blogging a good way to relax a bit and somketimes you get those cheeky comments that it make it worth while).


Well now we’ve got all the bureaucratic crap settled let me tell you all about Castlefest. Castlefest is a small festival in Lisse, The Netherlands where for 5 years, like minded people meet.  The festivals main theme is ‘the medieval age’  but people can be seen wearing just about everything, from apropiate medieval pessant clothing to girls wearing commic-con like outfits. A pritty lass had a really cool Yuna (Final Fantasy) outfit.

However as I said the main theme is ‘the medieval age’ (hence Castle). Unfortunately my medieval costumes are ehm non-existent so I joined the “just wearing witty t-shirts” type of people with a t-shirt that praises leeks (the vegetable).

After some hours checking out all the little stores I was a bit disappointed. For women (and girls) there where the most beautiful dresses and outfits ranging from the year 1000 ‘cute’ peasant look to the 1800 victorian queen look to the  post apocalyptic scavanger girl look. Most of these outfits where hand made from leather and wool just stunningly beautiful.

For us man this was unfortunately quite different (okay I’ll ignore all the medieval weapons that where out there for now, a brave warrior has to wair clothes aswell you know).   There where some nice woolen cloaks that where affordable and there where some beautiful full leather outfits and brilliant napolean era costume but unfortunately these where quite expensive  (like €300,- for just the top expensive).  Normally priced shirts and pants where hard to come by.  (In the end I did get my hands on a cool thick-cotton shirt with leather ropes holding everything togheter but I really hoped that there would be some more man clothes in the affordable price range.)

Anyway later that day  the main reason why I came to castlefest revieled themselves: Valravn took the stage and they played like mad, for those who don’t know this band I really think you should check them out on youtube here.

(Quoted from Eyes firmly on the 21st century, Valravn’s inspiration comes from the original Nordic music tradition. The band manages to organically blend the raw sounds from their ancient instruments with the smooth possibilities of electronic music. The fusion of the two yields a unique and powerful experience of the vigour and life, that lies hidden deep in the Nordic roots.

Valravn was really brilliant, looking at old youtube video’s it’s amazing to see how they’ve grown. The video I linked above is only a year old but damn the entire Valravn band seems pretty tame there while at castlefest they really rocked their harts out. They also played a few songs from their new cd which should be out soon(a friend of mine bought the cd right there but is still saying it hasn’t been released yet)! Brilliant and more energetic than their first album.

The day came to a closing by performing a heretic ritual togheter with the band Omnia, allot of my friends kept whining about Omnia being a bit arrogant and stuff (and I do agree) but their performance was memorable and it felt really as if people set them selves free during the ritual.

I had a great day at castlefest and I will surely go again next year, I might even put some more effort in dressing up and stuff. I can surely recommend these kind of festivals to everyone who enjoys a relaxed mood and doesn’t worry to much about people wearing funny clothes , the people at such festivals are just lovely.

I would’ve posted some photo’s but I didn’t bring my camera, I’ll see if my friend Mart has some pictures and if I can put them up here for a more general impression of what castlefest is.

Please let me hear your thoughts about this blog post and on mixing personal and ‘professional’ blog entries and how you’ve coped with this on your own blog(s).


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