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Blog on the move

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Saturday 28 November, 2009

Since for almost a year I have registered however I’ve never gotten around to do something with it. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit bounded by using, although it’s a good free service I really wish to edit my themes and install more plugins. So I’ve decided to move my blog to So I’ve installed a fresh version of there, started scavenging for those useful plug-ins that are preinstalled here and updated the default theme. So now my ‘new blog’ mimmicks this one almost exactly. I even imported all the comments and posts made here to that new version.

I’m keeping this blog up so links don’t break down, but I will be moving my activity to the so I’ve you got a bookmark or rss feed running, please update it :).

I hope to be adding some neat features soon, the new domain also gives me the ability to upload files, so you can download them directly at highspeed (so I wont have to use skydrive so much).

Oh anyway, I hope you’ll all find your way there!




Roy Triesscheijn


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