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2D collision response for XNA (fourtwo games)

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Friday 3 October, 2008

Today we had a very nice chat on efnet irc #XNA. Be sure to join us fore a while. There allot of creative and intelligent spirits hanging around there. After a while the topic became collision detection and how to solve it.

Both Uhfgood and kelthar had good ideas on how to solve it, and Kelthar had already written working code and a tutorial for good 2D collision detecion and response. Afterall if your objects keeps bounceing into your wall and only gets placed at it’s last position you’re nowhere.

So if your about to make a 2D collision response engine for your XNA game, or are interested in XNA, be sure to check out his tutorial here.

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kelthar’s resolution to 2D collision


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