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Windows Tip: tileing multiple windows

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Wednesday 15 October, 2008

I’m still amazed how many people dont know this little trick, but it makes your life allot easier when you are working with 2 or more documents on one screen. (For some goodness when using a dualmonitor setup, Nvidia users can use nView for free, other people should have a look at ultramon)

For example if your working with 2 config files, a reference file and your own file, you want to see them both at the same time. Open both files in your favourite editor, say notepad. Now go to the taskbar and select both instances while holding the ctlr key now press the rightmousebutton and select one of the options (Tileing, cascade, minimize all etc..)

The context menu

And here you are 2 windows perfectly aligned next to each other (this also works for more windws, and different apps mixed togheter).

And yes, I know its a small thing but if you didn’t knew it yet it’s sure handy!


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