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Creating Animated Textured Models for XNA part 2 : progress report

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Monday 10 November, 2008


Haven’t been hearing much from me on part 2, I know I promissed to get it done soon, (hell I said to finish it two weeks ago). But I’ve been haveing some problems with trueSpace. In the end it wouldn’t even start and crashed instantly at the splash screen.

So after some agony I’ve reinstalled trueSpace7.6 and gave it another go. It’s to bad that some of the more advanced features of trueSpace are poorly documented. (I still havent found the mark seam button that the manual speaks off).

Also some tools are not available in the standard Workspace view so I have to switch to the ‘older’ model view to get it done.

However I’ve finally been able to recreate a nice textured cube with good texture coords and been able to get a good uv-map for combined meshes.

I’ll hope to finish up on the tutorial in two days and have it submitted to ZiggyWare so Ziggy– can put it online.


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