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Translating fun and 3RRODeritus

Posted by Roy Triesscheijn on Saturday 25 October, 2008

A few weeks ago Novaleaf software was looking for translators to localize Biology Battle (remember it being featured at my blog, you can still download the pc pre-release demo!).

I’m going to do the Dutch translations for the game, proud me working on my first professional game project. (ok ok I just have to email them a wordfile with the translations, but who cares, I’m going to be in the credits

Crazy Smile
On another note: I was going to have some quality time with my girlfriend this weekend, and we where going to play Guitar Hero 2, and that would have been allot of fun.

However last evening my Xbox360 died, nice 3RROD and trying to eat the Guitar Hero 2 cd which I borrowed from a friend. Damn!

Here’s a handy link for if you got your CD stuck in your bricked 360.

Force eject a disc stuck in your Xbox360

(Gosh I hope my next Xbox360 will survive for more than 3 months. (The first one actually survived two owners from release day till 3 months ago)).


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